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Baoji Posen Industry & Trade Co., LTD.

a member of Posen group

Posen started from Keda New Technology Research Institute and has been established for more than 10 years. The company’s predecessor has metal composite laboratory, Baoji electrical equipment factory, mechanical processing center and other departments. It has strong strength in the way of mechanical processing and manufacturing, grinding Tool &Abrasive and machine tools and equipment and obtains sufficient patents.

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Focuses on the processing and trade of vanadium products and peripheral products

The company's main products include vanadium pentoxide, aluminum vanadium alloy, ferrovanadium, ferrocolumbium and other related products.

titanium and titanium alloy (titanium bar, titanium plate, titanium dioxide and all kinds of titanium materials); Zirconium, hafnium, nickel alloy; Aluminum, molybdenum, vanadium aluminum, iron, etc..

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Facing the future, adhere to the integration of resources, to provide customers with the best product selection

We are looking for global manufacturers and traders, selecting reliable, stable and cost-effective suppliers, so as to save you the cost of testing and inspection time. We choose the most reliable and convenient raw material procurement experience.

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Vanadium pentoxide, aluminum vanadium alloy, ferrovanadium, ferrocolumbium

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Titanium knife, fork and spoon, match the shape of the had, both elegant and energy saving.

Kitchen wares

Titanium has been a world-wide application as an implant material of human body in the field of medicine due to its excellent physiochemical properties and histocompatibility. Meanwhile, its heat-conducting property is good.


As upmarket products, lead the fashion

We can keep abreast of the policies and price trends of international vanadium and peripheral products, select the best raw materials and provide the most convenient service for you.


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North America

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