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More information about Posen industrial & trade

Posen industrial & trade's China headquarter is located in Baoji high-tech zone, known as "China’s titanium valley". The partners are large enterprises focusing on vanadium products for 20 years. The trading teams are all from all over China, Germany, and Canada, so they have a keen eye for the International market situation of vanadium products forecast judgment and price. For the industry internal news, their high-quality goods have a better channel than others. Since its establishment, the company has been constantly seeking for more high-quality and stable cooperation. Under the influence of international vanadium price, the company has been exploring more cost-effective suppliers.
Business component of Posen industrial & trade

Posen Trade & Industry Company focuses on the processing and trade of vanadium products and peripheral products, from the purchase of raw materials to the processing and sales of alloy products.

Our Clients

We supply high-quality vanadium products as raw materials and alloy additives for Baoti Group, Baoji First Titanium, Yixin titanium industry, Dongguan Nuo De and other enterprises in China's metal industry, and have achieved good response and a long-term cooperative relationship.